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Mark Henley

Mark has been flying Airshows for over 35 years. He has flown over 150 different types of aircraft. He is Type Rated in AD4 Skyraider, Grumman TBM, Grumman S2, Boeing B-17, Consolidated B-24, CV-440, and Douglas DC-3. He holds Experimental Authorization in the North American P-51, North American T-28, Chance Vought F4U Corsair, Grumman F4F Wildcat, Curtis P-40, Hawker FB-11 Seafury, and Yak 9. He is a Designated Pilot Examiner and also holds an Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic license.

Steve Gustafson

Steve soloed the very T-6 he flies  with the Team while a junior in high school. He holds a commercial, single and multiengine instructors rating, seaplane and also type ratings in the F4U corsair and B-25 Mitchell. Steve has also been a certified aerial applicator for over 30 years and is an ICAS ACE examiner. Steve was one of the original founders of the Team and  inherited his flying skills from his Dad, Merle Gustafson, a well known and beloved pilot in the aviation family.

Bryan Regan

Bryan dreamed of flying for most of his childhood. The Aeroshell Team found itself in need of a backup pilot in the summer of 2008, and with his Commercial, single and multi-engine license, instrument rating and over 7,500 hours, Bryan had both the availability and the experience to fill the position. His flying expertise includes flying all four positions with the Red Baron Pizza Squadron.


Jimmy Fordham

Jimmy began flying at age 14, taught by his father. By age 18 he had obtained his Commercial, Instrument, Multiengine, Seaplane, and Instructor ratings. He was introduced to airshow flying in the late 1970’s by Marion Cole and Merle Gustafson. During this time he flew a Pitts Special, Midget Mustang, and Schweitzer 126 Sailplane. Jimmy has over 22,000 hours of flight time in over 100 types of aircraft, and retired from Delta airlines as a senior captain on the Airbus 330.

The AeroShell Team, Past and Present

L to R: Gene McNeely, Jimmy Fordham, Mark Henley, Alan Henley, Ben Cunningham, Steve Gustafson, Bryan Regan

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